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We offer the best in Jeweled Wine Glass Charms, Unique Bottle Stoppers and Rhinestone Embellished  Glasses

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 Planning a party? Make A Sassy Glass your first stop! Sassy Glass charms ,glasses and stoppers always make a great gift!   Perfect for Bachelorette parties, birthday's,bridal showers or any occasion where you want to entertain with some "Sass"

We are currently adding more rhinestone embellished glasses! 

Keep checking back with us!

Custom orders are available - please use the contact form to inquire.





WE GIVE BACK!  "Purchase for Purpose"

We offer a discount to non-profit organization,rescue and charity supporters and donate a portion of the proceedes to their groups!  Please contact us if you are an organization and would like to partner for a donation.







We specialize in wholesale orders - if you are a gift shop please contact us for a complete catalog of products we offer our wholesale customers



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