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Welcome to  SASSY GLASS!

We offer the best in Jeweled Wine Glass Charms, Unique Bottle Stoppers and Rhinestone Embellished  Glasses

 Planning a party? Make A Sassy Glass your first stop! Sassy Glass charms ,glasses and stoppers always make a great gift!   Perfect for Bachelorette parties, birthday's,bridal showers or any occasion where you want to entertain with some "Sass"

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Keep checking back with us!

Custom orders are available - please use the contact form to inquire.





WE GIVE BACK!  "Purchase for Purpose"

viagra dosage for young menWe offer a discount to non-profit organization,rescue and charity supporters and donate a portion of the proceedes to their groups!  Please contact us if you are an organization and would like to partner for a donation.







We specialize in wholesale orders - if you are a gift shop please contact us for a complete catalog of products we offer our wholesale customers



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