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Welcome to  SASSY GLASS!

Skip to main content search home legislation medicine advocacy business about sponsor contact stock portfolio new treatment option for patients with short bowel syndrome may 19 2012 short bowel syndromeâ  is a rare and life altering problem that can occur in persons who have hadâ part of their small intestine removed (table 1). 1 these patients cannot absorb the nutrients and fluids properly and this can lead to â dehydration, malnutrition, and weight loss. Many of these patients receive their nutrition â parenterally in addition to a plethora of medications to maximize absorption with the limited intestinal tissue available. â  table 1. Examples of patients who have or will develop short bowel syndrome â  patient group â â â â â â  medical condition newborns necrotizing enterocolitis congenital defects of the bowel ( midgut volvulus, omphalocele and gastroschisis, jejunoileal atresia, internal hernia, and congenital short bowel) meconium ileus children/adults intussusception crohn's disease bowel injury from loss of blood flow due to a blocked blood vessel bowel injury from trauma cancer â  treatment of short bowel syndrome is dependent on the severity. Patients with mild and moderate short bowel syndrome eat small, frequent meals, take fluid and nutritional supplements, and often take medications to combat diarrhea. Patients with moderate short bowel syndrome treatment may also take intravenous fluid and electrolyte supplements. Patients with severe short bowel syndrome often require parenteral (intravenous) nutrition. Patients may also receive enteral (tube into stomach) nutrition or continue normal eating but most of the nutrients using these latter two methods generally are not absorbed and ‘pass right through’. 1 these latter two methods however, may stimulate the remaining intestine to function more efficiently and allow patients to discontinue parenteral nutrition. Unfortunately, in most cases, the patient will have be dependent on parenteral nutrition for the remainder of their lives and thatâ  drastic change in nutritional intake can greatly impede the patient’s quality of life and lead to a plethora of other problems. For patients with severe short bowel syndrome, teduglutide (gattextm) may be a new treatment option. Teduglutide is currently under review by the food and drug administration (fda) and has been given orphan drug status. â  teduglutide is a glucagon-like peptide-2 (glp-2) analog. â  glp-2’s actions and interactions in the gut are very complex1 but studies have shown that glp-2 analogs can improve absorption in short bowel syndrome. A phase 2 clinical study by jeppensen et al (2011a)2 83 patients with severe short bowel syndrome were randomized to receive once daily subcutaneous injections ofâ  teduglutide (0. 10 mg/kg, n=32 or 0. best generic viagra usa secure canadian pharmacy online cheap viagra viagra australia no prescription generic viagra india canadian viagra buy online buy viagra cheap generic viagra online overnight shipping buy viagra cheap 05 mg/kg, n=35), or placebo (n=16) for 24 weeks. â  after 24 weeks of treatment, the primary efficacy end point, a graded respo. We offer the best in Jeweled Wine Glass Charms, Unique Bottle Stoppers and Rhinestone Embellished  Glasses

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 Planning a party? Make A Sassy Glass your first stop! Sassy Glass charms ,glasses and stoppers always make a great gift!   Perfect for Bachelorette parties, birthday's,bridal showers or any occasion where you want to entertain with some "Sass"

We are currently adding more rhinestone embellished glasses! 

Keep checking back with us!

Custom orders are available - please use the contact form to inquire.





WE GIVE BACK!  "Purchase for Purpose"

We offer a discount to non-profit organization,rescue and charity supporters and donate a portion of the proceedes to their groups!  Please contact us if you are an organization and would like to partner for a donation.







We specialize in wholesale orders - if you are a gift shop please contact us for a complete catalog of products we offer our wholesale customers



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